Fateful Findings

A Neil Breen Film

A Paranormal Thriller Where A Computer Hacker Exposes Worldwide Secrets

A Panorama Entertainment Release


Contact: Neil Breen

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Three Rivers Film Festival

Pittsburgh, 2013

“Brilliant.....Delivers a Knockout Combination....You Won't Easily Forget This Genre Bending Film.”

Seattle International Film Festival, 2013

“this may be the next cult classic.”

Fateful Findings Film

Seattle International Film Festival, 2013

“wonderful…..david lynch meets toms wiseau…. the audience loved it.” audience: “had a blast…we all cheered… loved the genre… could not stop talking about it and liking it!”

Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal, 2013

“received a standing ovation… a fantastic screening!” audience: “thunderous applause… never seen anything like it…. loved it … awesome… people were ecstatic!” “… the next cult sensation”

everything is festival 4/cinefamily, los angeles, 2013

one film above all others rocked the annual b.n.a.t., austin, festival, and to everyone’s surprise it was not mega budget superhero fodder nor routine genre exercise. it was fateful findings!!.... bears an abundance of heart…. melding phantasmagorical fantasy….abuse power by government and big business on the average citizen…. seize the chance to catch breen fever with us!!

B.N.A.T., Austin

audience reaction: “the audience cheered and applauded fateful findings!!.... we loved it…. it rocked the screening.” …. “building a huge fanbase.”

Benjamin Nason, The MacGuffin, 2013

"A Movie like this becomes a sight to behold.....pure entertainment all the way around for me."

Three Imaginary Girls, 2013

"This film takes the experience to eleven....hugely entertaining. See this masterwork.....run to buy a ticket."

Devin Faraci, Badass Digest, 2013

"Full of heart and special vision. One of the most bravura conclusions in the history of cinema......One of the most unique experiences you will ever have....without a doubt the next cult classic."

Twitch Film, 2013

“It’s the definition of uncanny and it makes it compelling in the perverse oddness. It may be the next Cine-Thing you see all year!

Earwolf, 2013

“A suspenseful, hard hitting thriller for the internet age!

TW OH Six, 2013

“His, Breen’s, movie is about to join cult status.

The Mac Guffin, 2013

“The real beauty here lies in the (Breen’s) earnestness of heart.…. This could mean a nice cult status for Breen and this sincere, bizarre and wholly unusual film!

A Random Walk thru Film, 2013

“I’m calling it right now, Fateful Findings is going to win the Seattle International Film Festival, regardless of category!” “An absolute masterpiece of can’t look away

Brette and KP, 2013

“With little money and his heart and soul he (Breen) has created a masterpiece.”

Tars Tarkas. Net, 2013

“Fateful Findings is a work of Genius”

Allmovie.co.UK, London, 2013

"Fateful Findings: 4.9 Stars out of 5"

Badass Digest, 2013

''without a doubt the next cult classic.". " ....leads to one of the most bravura conclusions in the history of cinema . ...I'm not exaggerating ." " It is full of heart and special vision ". " I guarantee you will f___ing love Fateful Findings ! "